Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Primitively Wonderful News!!

I have the most wonderful hubby in the world. A year ago we moved to BC so we could be close to our granddaughter Madilyn. We bought a mobile home that desperately needed repairs. This isn't the first time we have lived in the middle of renovations, however, being close to Madilyn makes it all worthwhile! Well, my hubby has worked very hard this summer building me the most beautiful bathroom...and surprised me when he told me he was adding a sewing area to our bedroom. So, I am just one happy grandma, feeling very blessed in so very many ways. I finished decorating the bathroom with odds and ends that I found at Michael's 70% of sale. I love the colour orange...I find it very warm and comforting. And on Saturday, I had a gal come and help me organize my little sewing space...so I thought I would just show it too you. I am just so proud of Carl...he dreamed this all up in his head, and created it all by his lonesome...so, look away...and enjoy...I sure am!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So Thankful to Live in Primitive Heaven!!

Today a new exhibition opened at www.countryfriedprimitives.com. These are the 3 new crafts that I added to my store. As I toured through the site, I was so impressed with all the new additions from the other artists. It is certainly a fun site to go to especially if you like primitives.

I love crafting...and if you do as well, I would like to suggest that you go to
www.createaprim.com here you will find tons of tips, tutorials, ideas, friends, and even a place to shop if you wish. You can even find some of my patterns there under my name A Primitive Piece of Mine. I just love the owner of the site 'Kristal Norton'. She is a stay at home mom and has done some amazing things to raise awareness about the world of primitive crafting...She also makes and sells her own amazing crafts!

In Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving this past Monday. I think it is important to remember to be thankful every day of the year for the many blessings that we have in our lives. One of my special blessings has been my granddaughter Madilyn. She loves unconditionally, finds joy in the simplest things, and reminds me to stop and smell the flowers! I treasure our story times, our tea parties and our walks on the beach. I am especially thankful for her mommy and daddy who are raising her to be the wonderful little girl that she is, and who are so willing to share her with all her grandmas and grandpas. Thanks Sarah and Aaron, xoxoxo

Great Sunflower Quilt Giveaway

Head on over to see this great give away...see all the pictures and check out other great things on this blog...Good Luck on the draw!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall is Just so Heavenly here!!

Do you love Primitives...then Please pop on over to country fried primitives and visit all my friends who share their wonderful crafts their. You can see some of what I made at the Primitive Piece of Mine Shoppe!!

If you enjoy shopping, please click into the banner above and enjoy shopping 24/7!! You can see all my pattern designs under the category of Primitives, under my business name of A Primitive Piece of Mine!!! All my Halloween Patterns are half Price!!

Well friends, it is hard to believe that this morning we actually had our first frost! Luckily the sunflowers kicked back. So, I went out and put in my tulips and daffodills for spring. I am just a beginning gardener...so I will be anxiously awaiting these little flowers to pop up in the spring!! Ah but that is months away and there is oh so much to do before then.

A very good prim friend of mine sent me some sweet annie seeds in the spring, and I tried several ways to plant and grow them...but I was very unsuccessful. So being the sweetheart she is, she sent me some of hers that she grew!!! Oh my it is gorgeous...she sent some that is preserved, and some that I am drying. I also decided to try to dry some sunflowers by hanging them upside down in my shed. I had so many sunflowers grow this year, to my pure joy!!!! I saw some dried sunflowers on someone elses blog and thought they were neat...so this is a new experiment for me...I will post the results!!!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My hubby Carl has recently renovated our bathroom, which is so beautiful!!! He refinished a nice old clawfoot bathtub so I could lay and soak my worries away!!! So, my part is to add all the finishing touches...I am not one to know instantly what I want...and I don't have any interior decorating skills. I am a crafter however, and once in awhile I come up with some great ideas...this is one of them. I had found some great copper/tin pieces with leave images that I have hanging over the tub, but I needed something for over the toilet. On Monday we were out walking and I really noticed the leaves, later on in the day, I saw this empty frame sitting behind the couch, my mind started clicking and so I went out to the back yard and gathered some leaves, I grabbed some coffee stained osnaburg that I had in my craft room, ripped it to size, found the leaves that fit into the space and got them all into the frame! It turned out so beautiful I even surprised myself!!! If anyone would like more instructions...just leave me a comment and I would be pleased to help you further.
Now, I just have to share more pictures of my sunflowers because they are just blooming like crazy!!!! I feel so blessed to have so many of them in such a small space! Oo-lala... Oh well, I dont know why the picture aren't posting...I will try again later is up top!!!
Before I go, I want to invite you to visit my wee little shop at http://www.countryfriedprimtives.com/ . The crafts I make are posted under my artists name A Primitive Piece of Mine... I will try to post pictures later :)
I also sell the epatterns I have created at http://www.countrycraftshowonline.com/ . If you would like to see my patterns you can see them under Primitives...A Primitive Place of Mine...Go there, leave me a comment here and if you purchase one, I will send you one for free!!! Pass it on!!
Have a wonderful day!!

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