Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My hubby Carl has recently renovated our bathroom, which is so beautiful!!! He refinished a nice old clawfoot bathtub so I could lay and soak my worries away!!! So, my part is to add all the finishing touches...I am not one to know instantly what I want...and I don't have any interior decorating skills. I am a crafter however, and once in awhile I come up with some great ideas...this is one of them. I had found some great copper/tin pieces with leave images that I have hanging over the tub, but I needed something for over the toilet. On Monday we were out walking and I really noticed the leaves, later on in the day, I saw this empty frame sitting behind the couch, my mind started clicking and so I went out to the back yard and gathered some leaves, I grabbed some coffee stained osnaburg that I had in my craft room, ripped it to size, found the leaves that fit into the space and got them all into the frame! It turned out so beautiful I even surprised myself!!! If anyone would like more instructions...just leave me a comment and I would be pleased to help you further.
Now, I just have to share more pictures of my sunflowers because they are just blooming like crazy!!!! I feel so blessed to have so many of them in such a small space! Oo-lala... Oh well, I dont know why the picture aren't posting...I will try again later is up top!!!
Before I go, I want to invite you to visit my wee little shop at . The crafts I make are posted under my artists name A Primitive Piece of Mine... I will try to post pictures later :)
I also sell the epatterns I have created at . If you would like to see my patterns you can see them under Primitives...A Primitive Place of Mine...Go there, leave me a comment here and if you purchase one, I will send you one for free!!! Pass it on!!
Have a wonderful day!!

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