Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Primitively Wonderful News!!

I have the most wonderful hubby in the world. A year ago we moved to BC so we could be close to our granddaughter Madilyn. We bought a mobile home that desperately needed repairs. This isn't the first time we have lived in the middle of renovations, however, being close to Madilyn makes it all worthwhile! Well, my hubby has worked very hard this summer building me the most beautiful bathroom...and surprised me when he told me he was adding a sewing area to our bedroom. So, I am just one happy grandma, feeling very blessed in so very many ways. I finished decorating the bathroom with odds and ends that I found at Michael's 70% of sale. I love the colour orange...I find it very warm and comforting. And on Saturday, I had a gal come and help me organize my little sewing space...so I thought I would just show it too you. I am just so proud of Carl...he dreamed this all up in his head, and created it all by his lonesome...so, look away...and enjoy...I sure am!!!

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simple~needs said...

everything looks great!! come on over and visit my blog and lelsie at my country home. we both have trailers. :)